Anglo-Czech Educational Fund

 The aim of the Anglo Czech Educational Trust is to provide bursaries for study stays at British Universities. Applicants should be Czech citizens studying for post graduate degrees in Arts Faculties at Czech Universities who wish to enhance their studies by a period attending a British University



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About us

Ernest Kramer came to the UK after the 1948 take over by The Communist Party. He was a successful confectioner. He left with a secret recipe from an East German company. In the UK he joined a company in York and became one of its leading lights.

He then attempted to get his wife Eva to join him. She was barred from leaving by the Czech authorities. In order to eventually join her husband, she had to first divorce Ernest, then marry a compliant Englishman and arrive in the UK as his wife. Once safely in the UK, the Englishman released his wife and Ernest remarried her.

Ernest and Eva could not have children. Eva left her money to create a fund to support Czech Refugees to come to the UK.

After 1989 the fund became moribund and it was not until after Ernest died in 1998 that the monies morphed in to the current Anglo Czech Educational Fund registered with the Charity Commissioners in 2005.

This fund was set up to give educational grants to Czech students studying in the UK.