Final report
Student: Mgr. Petr Vaškovic
Home University: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Visiting University: University of Glasgow, School of Critical Studies, Department of Theology and Religious Studies
Supervisor: Prof. George Pattison

During the first semester (fall 2018), I attended a course taught by prof. Pattison and Dr. Salazar-Ferrer on existential philosophy; then I attended a Literature, Theology and the Arts Research Seminar and also a course on academic research integrity for PhD students in arts and social sciences. During the second semester (spring 2019), I attended the Theology and Arts Research Seminar.

Additionally, I finished two articles, both under the supervision of prof. Pattison. First article has been accepted for publication in a collective monograph ‘Lévinas v konfrontaci’, which will be published in late 2019 by Oikoymenh. I finished the second article at the beginning of May and sent if off for publication to the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. At this moment, the article is still in the peer review process, but I’m hopeful that it will get published.

Apart from that, I also presented a paper at a conference called ‘Dostoevsky and philosophy’, held at the University of Glasgow on the 29th of March, and I also presented a lecture in the Theology and Arts Research Seminar in the beginning of April.

To conclude: the research stay at the University of Glasgow was of great significance to me. Not only because I had the opportunity to visit courses and seminars at the Department of Theology, but primarily because of prof. Pattison’s help was indispensable to me at the time I was writing the aforementioned articles, while he also aided me in a significant way in advancing the thesis of my dissertation. What is also of significance is that I managed to establish contact with several members (PhD students and teachers) of the Lev Shestov Studies Society and the Existential Philosophy & Literature Network.