I have just completed a research visit at the University of Oxford, Department of Politics and International Relations under the mentorship of Prof. Yaacov Yadgar. I spent a total of 6 months in Oxford, from October 2023 to the end of March 2024. Due to the substantial costs involved in a full academic year stay, the duration of my visit has been adjusted from theoriginal proposal, which initially encompassed the entire academic year. Thanks to the generous and kind support of ACEF, I was able to continue working on my PhD research project at the intersection of Israeli, Jewish, and gender studies.

Throughout my stay, I benefited greatly from regular consultations with Prof. Yadgar, whoseinsights and expertise proved invaluable. Additionally, I actively participated in meetings of an informal group comprising researchers and students focused on Israel and the Middle East. These meetings provided a platform for discussing our respective works and exchanging constructive feedback. I also had the privilege of attending a seminar led by Prof. Yadgar, which delved into the politics, history, and society of Israel and Palestine. Furthermore, I attended numerous lectures organized by the DPIR, the Middle East Centre, and the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.

Engaging with this vibrant academic community allowed me to expand my network and gain diverse perspectives. During my stay, I used the extensive resources of the Bodleian Library to write the core section of my dissertation. I intend to finalize this work in the Czech Republic in the near future.

I must emphasize the pivotal role played by ACEF’s generous support in deepening my theoretical and methodological understanding, as well as in fostering the internationalization of Czech academia. Their assistance has been crucial in advancing my dissertation research project, for which I am profoundly grateful.

Kind Regards
Timea Crofony